Anju Patel

I am Anju  Patel   from Surat. After completing my B.A. Course I joined a school and started teaching  there. Sensing importance of computer  I decided to learn basic computer to  enhance my knowledge and did not thought to make computer my career. I enrolled for basic  course in 2005. Umar sir started teaching me and once I completed my basic course, he inspired me to  join for web design course also.  Since I was not exposed to IT field and I did not know the scope of this industry.
Getting inspired, I joined web design course and learn from him ( those days I was expert in table can CSS, later he himself thought me DIV  CSS and made me expert in that field.

After completing Web Design Course   he gave me break  in his own web design company, Suhanasoftech (Acesoftech is a part of Suhanasoftech) and since then I have been working in this company. Currently I am head of Surat office and I handle everything here.
I would like to say the reader about my sir that he is source of my inspiration.
I never had thought in my wildest dream that I will come into this industry. I was just happy with my school teaching. But because of Umar sir’s inspiration and hard work I came into this industry. He knows how to shape up career of the student.

Had I not gone to study computer to him I would have not  come into  this  industry. I am   proud of Acesoftech, I am proud of  Umar sir who changed  my life bringing me in  IT- Industry.


Anju Patel

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