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React Js is one of the highly popular front-end development JavaScript library. React js is used for developing fast loading and user-friendly websites. React js is developed and maintained by most popular social media giant Facebook. React js uses coding called JSX which much like HTML.

React can be used to develop simple as well as advanced web sites and apps. React Native is used to develop mobile Apps.

We at Acesoftech Academy provides advanced and project based React jstraining to the aspiring candidates who want to make career in front-end. The training is provided by experienced React Js developer.

Acesoftech Academy is the first training institute in Kolkata which has started React Js training in Kolkata. In this React Js training course in Kolkata, we provide real-life project based training.

  • Website Designers who want to enhanceknowledge for front-end development.
  • Website developer who want to hone his/her skill for modern and interactive front-end website and mobile appsdevelopment.
  • Team leader/manager who wants to help and work on React Js based projects.
  • Freshers who want to build career as Reactjs website developer as well mobile Apps Developer.
  • You must know JavaScript
  • Must have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • What is React?
  • React Vs. Angular
  • Intall Node js
  • Install Atom editor
  • Overview
  • Create React App
  • Elements
  • Rjx
  • Components
  • Refractor
  • Overview
  • App Setup
  • Component Architecture
  • Functional Components
  • State Management
  • Updating State
  • Prop-Types
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Lifecycle Methods List
  • Overview
  • Component State Navigation (Resources)
  • Component State Navigation
  • Browser-Router
  • Link
  • Route
  • UI Setup (Resources)
  • Font-names (error)
  • UI Setup
  • Adding Photos
  • Overview
  • Redux Store
  • Reducer
  • Connected Component
  • Actions
  • Updating State
  • istory Prop Inconsistency
  • Redux Dev Tool
  • Overview
  • Firebase setup
  • Updating database
  • Fetching data
  • Removing data
  • saving data
  • Course Duration: 2 Months
  • Class: 3 Days In A Week
  • Mode Of Training: